Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As the day progresses i'm still pretty bored. So i decided to download some new music, as that is what i usually do when i'm bored.

I downloaded the new album by Bad Religion - The Dissent of Man.
I'm not really into Bad Religion, i saw them live at the beginning of September and i must say they are amazing live. Anyways on to the new record. It sure does sound better then the bunch of crappy albums they released over the last 10 years, but for some reason i just can not get into it.. it sounds so crappy on CD i find. My girlfriend thinks im stupid, cause she loves Bad Religion and thinks they are amazing. But i guess that's cause she grew up with the shitty USA punk bands, whilst i grew up listening to the more rawer punk we have in Europe. I'll add a song of the new album here and you can judge for yourself if you like it.

I dont like it, so this album is going to be deleted from my harddrive. Thank god for being able to download CD's, cause this would have been wasted money!


So i just woke up, another boring day ahead i guess...

Friday, September 24, 2010

So... this came as a shock

4 days ago my girlfriend found out she was pregnant, eeek!
Why eeek? First of all, she lives in Canada, i live in The Netherlands. Guess i'll have to start on Immigration soon. The other eeek part is, i'm only 20 years old! ugh. But as i'm against abortions, we both decided to keep it. According to the Doctor my girl is 6 weeks and 4 days in now, so its still early. But i'll ofcourse keep everyone updated along the way.

Some music

Figure I'd post some tunes up here. Today i'm in a Weezer mood.

And last Weezer - Perfect Situation, cause Elishia Cuthbert is pretty hot ;)

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome! I just started this blog. so there is not much to see yet. But once i figured it all out. There will be lots to see!